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Tire Shine EC - Gallon

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Product Description

Tire Shine EC

An all in one Tire, Wheel and Interior cleaner, polish and shiner!  


CroftgateUSA TIRE SHINE EC has a blend of emollients, cleaning and gloss agents to leave your wheels and tires clean with a long lasting, satin smooth finish.  This is the "Economy (EC)" of the Tire Shine Plus version.  Thinner and easier to work with .... and less money.  Great for vinyl tops, engine bays or larger areas.  

Non greasy formula!


TIRE SHINE does not contain any petroleum solvents. Petroleum solvents can adversely affect the structure of the tire and leave a brown rather than dense black finish. All CroftgateUSA products are by a team of scientists dedicated to producing quality products with the lowest environmental impact.


NO Petroleum Solvents! NO Listed Hazardous Materials!

  • 1 product to clean/shine wheels and tires
  • No hazardous materials to touch or breathe
  • Low environmental impact
  • Does not have petroleum solvents or listed hazardous ingredients
  • If accidentally sprayed onto vehicles paint, wipes right off
  • Will not sling nor attract dirt like the older technologies 


If Tire Rubber or Rims (wheels) are excessively dirty we recommend using CROFTGATEUSA’s Multiclean first to breakdown any dirt or grime.


You will Need: 2 clean micro fiber towels each folded two times.


Wheels & Tires

1. Adjust trigger spray nozzle to apply an even coating of TIRE SHINE

2. Spray an even coating onto tire surface, go right to Step.3.

3. Spray onto rims (wheel) ensuring all areas are coated with Tire Shine.

4. Take your micro fiber towel and wipe rims (wheel) clean.

5. Fold the just used dirty micro fiber towel to clean or cleaner side and mist it once or twice with tire Shine.

6. Now, wipe one time around the tire to leave deep shine.

* Continue step #2 -6 until all rims and tires are clean and shined.


Dash Area.

1. Spay one or two mists onto a clean micro fiber towel (folded two times)

2. Rub the towel material against itself so the Tire shine works into the towel

3. Now wipe your dash area until clean and a dull matte shine appears.

4. Repeat Steps 1-3 until all areas are done

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