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"October 10, 2012 I thought I would give you a woman’s point of view on Croftgate Products. I am a woman of a “certain ” age-ok-I come from a time when I knew all the car models. Each manufacturer did not have so many models that I now have to read the back of the car to find out what it is. I have always loved cars. To work on my car and not have to deal with anything else at that time is a real joy. Darrin showed me the Croftgate products when we were on a family get together in Reno this summer. The two of us were in the parking garage at Harrahs when a guard came to see what we were up to. Darrin cleaned up his brothers car and I was hooked. He gave me a kit and although the Customs guys looked at me like I was not quite telling the truth, I got to bring home a wonderful gift. Back in Canada I was working on my car and my neighbor asked me what I was doing.he could not believe me when I said I was cleaning my car. I didn’t have the ong hoses snaked around,I didn’t have the pail of water,I didn’t have the cleaning cloths,sponges or chamois,I didn’t have my usual 3 baskets of cleaning products,I didn’t have wet feet! My 3 baskets containeed tar remover,different window cleaners and several rodents for my wheels and so many other products. All I had was my three bottles and my cloths.Nothing to clean up when I was finished! Many weeks later,after I had been driving through muddy puddles I looked forward to cleaning the old girl up again. Not me-the car. it actually isn’t old it’s a gorgeous 2011 BMW bit tats another story.because the weather turned cold I was planning on cleaning my car in the garage but I had washed my hair and I didn’t know if there would be an odor from the cleaning solutions which would make is necessary to open the door. it was to cold for my wet head.

I hadn’t smelt anything when I was working on my car outside so i wasn’t sure if this cold day would be good for this job. A minute after I started I knew this was not an issue. I could not smell anything,I stayed in the garage with my wet hair and I did not open a door. I finished cleaning my car and even my manicure was perfect. I was so easy and so quick. I have also cleaned my husbands car and I find it hard to believe that I used so little of the solution . I recommend this product to anyone who will listen and probably have told some women whose idea of cleaning a car is asking someone to do it for them. This product makes my life better!! Enough said…

Carol, Winnipeg, MB Canada

"I used the CroftgateUSA products on my car today and then had it out and had two people ask me who "washes" my car...when I said me they wanted to know what I used.   Anyway, car looks like it just came off show room floor....and it hasn't looked like that since I bought it.  While it breaks my heart to give up Adams .....I AM hooked on Croftgateusa ....Thank you so much!!!!

Paula, 06 Corvette, NC