Wondering what waterless wash will do to the surface of you vehicle?

We think that you'll be pleasantly surprised!

Below is a diagram of what our waterless car washing products, Aquanil-X and Quick-N-Slick will do after just one application! Our waterless car cleaning system will remove the normal road contaminates that effect the life and quality of your vehicles surface. It will remove overspray , seal and protect acid rain, tar, bird dropings and protect from industrial pollution.


Traditional Water & Soap wash                               Using CroftgateUSA


Why choose CroftgateUSA Waterless Detailing System?


  • By using CroftgateUSA, products you are one of the VIP contributors for saving water and protecting the environment for your future generations (you save 900 to 1400 liters of water).
  • You can use CroftgateUSA, once a week to wash your car rather than going to service stations to get it washed and loose precious time while waiting for the task to be completed.
  • You can do complete detailing of your car within 30 to 45 minutes rather than spending 3 to 4 hours in other car detailing showrooms, despite paying a huge amount of money.
  • CroftgateUSA, offers eco-friendly products that not have any petro chemicals or any harmful VOC’s mixed in it. You can be assured that your hands will not burn or itch after you wash the car using these products. Therefore, in addition to protecting the environment, you are protecting yourself as well.
  • Waterless car wash can serve up to 12 times of wash depending size of the car so on an average of 3 months the cost is same what you pay at service station for car wash every weekend.